Goody Blueshoes

I once heard a story about Goody Blueshoes.

Goody is a girl with some interesting views.

You probably won’t hear of her, on the news.

It is a story you can share, if you so choose.


She was an everyday girl who liked doing good.

She liked being good as any girl could.

She could be as good as any girl should.

She should be as good as any girl would.


She has lots of friends and plays a whole lot.

Because playing and friending was fun, she thought.

She always uses nice words and shares all her toys.

She plays with all people, both the girls and the boys.


She always says please and follows with thank-you.

She never lies and only speaks what is true.

She likes to eat fruits and vegetables too.

She leaves her mouth closed when she needs to chew.


She tries not to fuss or whine or complain.

She exercises her body as well as her brain.

She loves to read books and play in the rain.

I suspect when she drives she’ll stay in her lane.


She lets others go first and she holds open doors.

She makes her own bed and does all of her chores.

She stays with her parents when she visits the stores.

She puts sunscreen and bugspray on when she goes outdoors.


She’s a pretty good kid and tries to stay humble.

She learns from mistakes when she has a stumble.


She’ll never be perfect but does the best she can do.

She’s a good girl now and will be a good woman too.


Goody is good and has shoes that are blue.

But shoes don’t really matter, so she may as well be you.