Today is the Day

I wake up each morning and just have to say,

Yesterday was something but Today is THE day.

With the vigor of sunrise and the flowers of May,

Today is the day I continue on my way.


Today is the day I will do something smart.

I will draw it or paint it or create some fine art.

I will type it or sculpt it or play it by heart.

Whatever it is, I’m sure to take part.


Today is the day I will do something right.

I’ll hold open doors and I will be polite.

I’ll be cheesy and corny and won’t even care.

I’ll run and jump and breathe the fresh air.


Today is the day I’ll be thankful for you.

And you and you and even you too.

The people around me, whether many or few,

I’m lucky to have them as part of my crew.


Today is the day to make some mistakes,

To get some things wrong, because those are the breaks.

I’ll learn from my faults because that’s what it takes,

To get a bit better by having some aches.


Today is the day to plan for tomorrow.

When I’ll go and I’ll climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

I’ll move ahead and do so without sorrow,

Because what I learn today I’ll be able to borrow.


Yesterday’s tomorrow is where I am at,

And tomorrow’s yesterday is really just that.

I’ll get out and do something and be a success.

Because defining tomorrow is only a guess.


Today is the day to clean off the slate.

Today is the day with the most important date.

Today is the day to pull your own weight.

Today is the day to do something great.