Awaiting Baby J

Matt here.  This one is interesting.  Here is the 1st post from Corey Jackson.  Corey and I have been friends for a very long time, starting in high school through being roommates during and after college.  He was the best man at my wedding.  He just wrote this and I wanted to publish it before midnight.  He writes from a brand new perspective that I thought would be interesting.  This post is really fun, particularly if you are a parent.  Can’t wait to see what he writes next…

I just got in bed for what will most likely be a futile attempt at sleeping tonight. My poor wife has back pain, cramps, and the baby seems to have made a move downward increasing her discomfort tonight. Talk about feeling helpless. I imagine the only moment a man feels more helpless is during a vaginal birth. I won’t be experiencing that, however.

Tomorrow at 5:15AM, my alarm clock will go off. I will get my wife to the hospital for a planned C-Section by 6:30 and sometime around 8:30, I’ll be a father.  That’s the part I know. We’re kind of lucky that it’s all planned out for us, at least that far. This is our first child, so I’m not exactly sure what happens after that. I feel completely ill prepared for about everything that’s about to happen to us.

Not from lack of trying. I read books like Dr. Karp’s “The Happiest Baby on the Block” and “Baby 411.” We took breastfeeding classes, Infant CPR and visited the birth center at the hospital many times to go over everything with midwife after midwife. We have every possible baby product already in hand to use at will to thwart anything this wonderful dude throws our way. Still, I’m sitting here in bed with exactly zero clue of what’s really about to happen to us.And you know what? Not really knowing excites me more than anything. It excites me when I hear people tell me how life-changing and amazing it’s going to be. I know it’s going to be a beautiful moment and I know I’m going to love this guy more than I’ve loved anything in the world.  I know this is going to be one of those things I look back on as an incredible event in our marriage. I know he will be my pride and joy. Daddy’s little buddy. I just can’t wait to see his face. Will he be fugly or the cutest thing alive? Will he have dark or blonde hair? Will he look like me at all? Will he look like his mother?

So, I’m going to try and close my eyes and I’m sure, if I do get some sleep, the dreams will be all about Baby J.  Maybe I’ll figure it all out overnight.