The days after Baby J was born were absolutely surreal. I found myself out and about in Beverly, MA for food, as the room service was pretty horrible. I felt myself feeling like I was walking on air. I was wondering why there wasn’t a parade happening in our honor. How come everyone isn’t high fiving me at Atomic Cafe? Why wasn’t there a champagne toast when I went in to Soma? I was literally walking around with so much excitement I could have floated off the Earth, but no one else knew. I wanted to buy everyone lunch at Atomic. I wanted to jump on the bar at Soma and announce Baby J’s birth to all. Alas, I resisted all of that and instead of going into debt or jail, I got food back quickly to momma.

Baby J will be one week old in 8 hours and I’m beginning to get some sense of normalcy back in my routine. I watched something on TV for the first time in a week. I took out the trash and recycling. Hey, I can even sit here and write a blog post. Not to say that was the case twenty minutes ago. Let me paint a picture for you.

I have a three room condo. A sleeping wife in one room, a sleeping Memere (grandmother) in the other room and I’m in the middle room with a screaming child. This child is inconsolable and has been screaming for quite a while. He’s rooting. Mom fed him literally 30 minutes ago. Mom has been feeding this child all day and really needs to sleep. She is still in recovery from major abdominal surgery after all. Memere also needs her rest and had been at it all day. I try to convince myself it’s not really hunger. I do the two point check. Pee or poop? I don’t see pee or poop, so I guess he’s hungry. I try to calm him down to make it to the “planned” 1:30 feeding. Cut to five minutes later and I have an SNS (Supplemental Nursing System) kit strapped to my finger to get 18ml of stored breast milk into Baby J through a tube strapped to my finger to hold him over. He sucked it down. He’s now absolutely silent. I marvel at my mad skillz!! Not only is Baby J satisfied but Mom and Memere are still asleep.

I’m now the only one awake in the house. I should also be sleeping but I’ll probably just stare at this beautiful boy just a bit longer.