The Santa Clause

I love Santa.

Well, I love what Santa represents for so many people around the world.  That being said, I never believed in Santa growing up.  My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas.  I remember my friends who did believe in Santa though, and I also remember not “spoiling” it for them.  I don’t remember why.

Its an interesting thing I think about.  My girls are both at or close to the point where other kids they see at school might start talking about Santa.  His name hasn’t come up in my house yet but I’m sure it will; probably next week when she comes home from a day at school where the kids talk about what Santa brought them.

I’m not exactly sure what I’d say:

“Santa didn’t come here because he only brings toys to the nice kids.”


“Santa didn’t come here because we don’t have a tree in our living room.”


“Santa must have forgotten you.”


“Santa just comes to Jewish houses after he’s finished with all the other houses.” [run to toy store]


“Santa doesn’t exist.”

Probably not…although…I’m warming up.  No.  I’d hate it if have my kids ruined the dream for the other kids because it really is fun to watch.  You see the kids in the mall get so excited to sit on Santa’s lap.  You know kids go to sleep on Christmas Eve all excited to find out what Santa will have left for them under their trees the next morning.

This wasn’t a problem last year.  Hopefully it won’t be a problem this year but I know its going to be a problem some year.

What to do?

Ho ho humbug.