The Bubster

Each summer, when I was a kid and before I started going to overnight camp, my family would go to Cape Cod for 2 weeks for vacation. My sister and I, along with my parents and my mother’s parents (Bubbie and Zadie) made up the core group of vacationers. We would get visitors from other


I don’t understand. This post will not be one of the “fun” ones to read. I typically don’t share my thoughts on these sorts of things but I feel compelled this time. Yesterday, May 24th, at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, 19 children and 2 teachers were brutally murdered while at school. This

The Path

Today Chloe turns 13. We officially have 2 teenaged daughters. Julianna, as I’m sure you know, turned 14 a few weeks ago. For her birthday, in 2019, I wrote a “flashforward” set of predictions for how her life might turn out. It is now 3 years later and it’s Chloe’s turn. Here’s what I said

High School Julianna

Today Julianna turns 14. Oh wait, I’m sorry. Today, High School Julianna turns 14. She’s not even in High School yet but has recently taken to referring to herself, not only in the 3rd person, but with the “High School” qualifier. “High School Julianna is going to get to keep her phone in her bedroom


In 2005 my wife and I reconnected after originally meeting 13 years prior. In 2006 I proposed (and she said yes). In 2007 we got married. In 2008 Julianna was born. In 2009 Chloe was born. At the end of this week we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. 3.5 weeks after that Julianna will turn

The Blessing

On Saturday, October 9th, 2021, Julianna and Chloe had their joint B’Not Mitzvah. They worked incredibly hard practicing and preparing and, not surprisingly (at least to my wife and me), were incredible. As part of their service, we wrote a blessing for them and then read it to them. This is that blessing… Chloe and

The Mailbox Again

It has been almost 2 years since Chloe and Julianna have gone to overnight camp. It has been roughly 1.5 years of us being together, all the time. Because of COVID-19, their summer camp like so many others, was closed in the summer of 2020 but here we are. Here. We. Are. Today is drop-off

Mothers’ Day

There’s been a lot of gardening going on around here. My wife, who will be henceforth known as D, has started to really enjoy gardening. This is likely in her blood (her mom also likes it) but COVID has been a catalyst and over the past year+, she has spent a lot of time planting

For The Win

“Some day soon though, things will get back to the normal we all crave.” Me. Exactly 1 year ago. Today Chloe turns 12. It feels like just yesterday that I wrote last year’s birthday post. How is that even possible? Have you ever been to summer camp? As I reflect back on the past year,