Speaking English Good

Julianna says things that are funny all the time and its really hard to not constantly laugh.

Chloe has just recently started putting words together at a frightening rate.

My wife and I decided on a kid-communication strategy “long” ago.  We talk about everything with the girls.  We are constantly describing things, asking them questions, and trying to be as patient as possible while they try to figure out the words to communicate with us.  We also try very hard not to directly correct language mistakes.  We are trying to encourage our kids to verbally communicate and so when she tells me that she is “scary of Gumby,” I usually respond with something like, “you’re scared of Gumby?  You don’t have to be, he’s very nice.”  I’m sure she’ll catch on at some point.  She happens to be scary of a lot of things (like her Daddy was as a kid) so we hear different forms of that all the time:  “When the lawnmower man comes, Chloe doesn’t need to be scary.”  Or…”This episode of Dexter makes me very scary.”  You get the point.

Chloe is at an age where she is literally mimicking everything Julianna does to the best of her abilities and words are only the beginning.  Before long, Chloe will be telling us that she is “scary of Gumby” too.

It is really amazing to think that anyone could learn how to speak any language and watching my daughters do it is a lot of fun.

So yesterday, we saw a pair of big poodles in the park and Julianna said to me, “Daddy, Chloe isn’t going to be scared of those puppies.”

Phew…for a second, I was scary that she would never learn.