Farting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

In a previous post I talked about how difficult it was to not laugh sometimes when my girls say or do things that are funny.

I live in a household dominated by females.  The women in my life have different terms than I do for some of the most common human interactions.  My daughters (both of them) pick their noses.  That makes them like every other kid out there.  I can’t help myself.  Every time I catch them digging for gold, I ask them what they are doing.  They both say something about looking for boogers.


Its hilarious.  I’m probably supposed to tell them how its not appropriate to pick your nose or to look for boogers.  My mother tries to correct me and convince them that they don’t have boogers, they have “flowers.”


A) Not nearly as funny.

B) Not nearly as cute.

C) When they are in public and get caught picking, I can’t have them telling people that flowers come out of their noses.  Trust this:  there is much more ridicule that comes from flowers rather than boogers coming out of the nose.

Don’t be afraid of boogers.

And don’t be afraid of farts.  They are funny too.  I’ve never met anyone with perfect control and I happen to think its funny when my girls cut cheese.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there will be a time when we’ll probably have to teach them how to clench but in the meantime, enjoy.  I laugh every time.  Maybe I shouldn’t.

My girls fart.  You fart too.  Someone in my office farted today and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me.  Own it.  Call it like you smell it.