The Great Pyramids

“Daddy, where does the pyramid come from?”

Well, I get these types of questions regularly.  My mother was recently asked by Julianna why she couldn’t see the moon during the day.  What can I say, my kids are nerd-wannabes like their daddy.  It makes me very proud.

“Daddy, where does the pyramid come from?”

Context:  Julianna is sitting on the toilet right before bed.

I say, “Julianna, what do you mean?  People built them.”

“No, where does the pyramid come from?”

I say, “I’m not sure what you mean.” [as she looks around the room].

So I start to look around the room trying to figure out what she’s referencing.

“Daddy, where does MY pyramid come from?  Does it come from here?” [pointing to her rear]

“um…” [confused]

“Does my pyramid come from here?” [pointing again]

“Wait,” I say, “do you mean, ‘where does your PERIOD come from?'”



She recently came across a tampon in our bathroom and asked what it was.  Is it something you eat?  No.  Is it something mommy eats?  No.  What does it do?  Ask mommy.

She must have asked mommy…

Now she wants to know where her pyramid comes from.


Question mark?

Exclamation point!