In 1 month you’ll be four.

In 2 months you’ll be three.

Today is another reminder

Of what you both mean to me.


With your curly hair and your dancing,

With your straight hair and your quirks,

I’m up late many nights,

Pondering how all this works.


What kind of people will you grow to be?

What kind of things will you achieve?

What kind of career will you take on?

What kind of tricks are up your sleeve?


What will your hobbies be?

Will you like math or history?

Will you want to travel the world?

Will you go to Israel and plant a tree?


Don’t ever stop asking questions.

Don’t ever stop being you.

Maybe some day I’ll have grandkids.

And you’ll have this feeling too.


Maybe I’ll walk you down an aisle.

Maybe I’ll bail you out of jail.

Maybe you’ll go to summer camp.

Maybe you’ll send me mail.


I thought I’d write a poem.

I hoped I’d write it with ease.

Filled with silliness and sentiment.

Like a donut filled with cheese.


Some days will be perfect.

Some days you’ll get miffed.

One thing is certain though,

Having you as daughters is the greatest gift.


It doesn’t matter if its Valentine’s Day.

It doesn’t matter if its not.

I don’t need Hallmark or anything else to remind me,

That you girls are two of the three best things I’ve got.


Happy Everyday.