Kidsplaining #2

Well that didn’t take long.  A day after Julianna wrote her post, Chloe told me that she wanted to try her hand at writing for the blog.

She got the same rules as Julianna:  A keyboard, a topic, and the freedom to write whatever she wanted.

Her topic: How to take care of dogs.

How to take care of a dog.Taking care of a dog is hard work!For instances walking them and feeding them.And SOME dog’s can help people.Like helping them across the street if they are blind.Also they are your BEST friends!Here are some things they like to do.

1.They like to play

2.They like to do tricks Here are some examples. Roll over,Sit,Stay,Down,and Fetch

3.They LOVE to cuddle

Dogs also have awesome names like Ruby,Boaty/ie,Bell,Haley,Patch,Sandy,Boo,Goldy/ie,Georgie/y,Spot.

Since we’re all done with that let me tell you about my life and me.I have a sister named Julianna and a dog named Cassie. let me tell you a little bit about me.About me.My name is Chloe I have brown hair and eyes.My favorite thing to do is Horse back riding.

About Julianna.Julianna’s hair is chestnut and her eyes are hazel.Her favorite thing to do is dancing and cooking.All about Cassie.Cassie’s eyes are brown. Her hair is Gray and she has some black spots.Well that’s it for my story!See you soon blog.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Happy New Year and see you soon blog.

Chloe the Kidsplainer
Chloe the Kidsplainer