The Little Moments

The big moments in my parenting life are easy to remember.  Daddaism was designed to be a place where Dads could share those moments.

That’s what it is for me. That’s what it could be for you.

Full disclosure:  I love writing on this blog.  I wish I wrote more but what I’m sharing here is much less about “you” as it is about me wanting to record my thoughts, feelings, memories, and general experience with my kids so that 25 years from now, when Julianna marries Lucifer and 26 years from now when Chloe marries Satan, I will have some embarrassing stories to bring up.

Birthdays and holidays are generally great catalysts for heartfelt posts.  Today is neither of those things but I’ve been thinking of what my next post would be about and what great “moments” had happened recently that had anything to do with Recitals, Turning 4, Cutting Turkey, Cutting Cheese, etc.  Nothing.  New Years is soon…I suppose I can wait and do a “Year That Was” post.  I’m sure I will.  In the meantime, there have been a handful of funny and interesting little moments that I don’t want to forget about, none of which merit a whole post…


Tonight at bedtime, Chloe told me that we were in her home.  I asked her where my home was.  She told me it was also here.  Holy sh*t, there are people other than my wife and I who call this place home.

Julianna wanted me to explain to her how to count to infinity.

The last episode of Glee (which we don’t show our kids) had a song at the end that was fantastic.  It is called “We Are Young” by a band called Fun.  It was very catchy.  Very Breakfast Club.  We got it on iTunes.  The next morning, on the ride to school, I told my daughters that I was going to play a new song for them.  The song started and about 43 seconds in, Julianna said, “Daddy, can you start this one from the beginning please?”  That’s our indication that she likes the song.  I don’t think we’ve listened to a different song since.  Over and over and over again.  I secretly do the same thing.  Weeks at a time.

Julianna is in a “body exploration” phase.  Yesterday, she announced the following to my mother-in-law: “I have a small Bagina”

Chloe can sing many of the words from “We Didn’t Start The Fire”.  Deal with it.

Julianna asked my mother recently why she couldn’t see the moon during the day.

Chloe does this thing where she randomly comes up to me and puts her finger on my cheek and runs it up to my forehead and says “Zzzzoooooop!”  I believe she might be from a different planet.

Julianna likes to call us over and “whisper” into our ears.  If only it was a whisper.  It’s more like she’s using a megaphone.

Chloe doesn’t like birthday cake although at a birthday party today for one of their cousins, she let me give her a bite of my piece.  She kept it in her mouth for about 2 seconds and then tried to take it out of her mouth and put it in mine.  I believe she might be from a different planet.

Julianna has a “big girl” bed now.  My wife left bedtime with her over 30 minutes ago and decided to try and let her put herself to bed tonight.  This will involve reading on her own and then going over and turning off the light and tucking herself in.  As we speak, I can hear in the monitor (and why not), whispering to her stuffed animals, dolls, and various other “friends” that it is time to turn the light out and please no more talking after she does that. When did my newborn turn into a human who can get in and out of bed, turn on and off the lights, and “read”?

There are tons of these types of moments and they happen every day.

I can’t possibly remember them all and maybe they aren’t as important as remembering the recitals and the Halloween costumes and the birthdays and the multiple Masters degrees and the first PhD and the third Oscar and the other Darryl and the second Darrin…

But I know there are going to be a lot more of these little moments and perhaps quality and quantity aren’t mutually exclusive.