The Santa Clause

I love Santa. Well, I love what Santa represents for so many people around the world.  That being said, I never believed in Santa growing up.  My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas.  I remember my friends who did believe in Santa though, and I also remember not “spoiling” it for them.  I don’t remember why. Its

Turn and Cough

Sleeping on the floor of Chloe’s room from 4:30am until 7:30am with her asleep on top of me periodically coughing into my ear isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be. ‘Tis the season. We are on our 16th round of colds this season already and Winter doesn’t even start until next week. 

Swiper! No swiping…please!?

I hate Dora the Explorer. My daughters seem to like her and there are a few redeeming qualities.  I like the exposure to Spanish.  I like that she’s adventurous.  I like that she’s nice to her friends and works well in a team. But… That show and books aren’t very realistic.  First of all, the

Rumble In The Playground

When my wife picked up Julianna at school recently, she was given an “incident report”.  That’s never good. Turns out that another kid came up to her while they were on the playground and started scratching her in the face.  Apparently her fingernails weren’t trimmed and she managed to inflict some damage to my daughter’s

The More Change, The More Same

My younger daughter, Chloe, is almost 13 months younger than Julianna.  Chloe is almost 19 months old. They are different in almost all ways.  Chloe has thin, straight hair (think Cousin It first thing in the morning).  Julianna has Little Orphan Annie curly hair.  Chloe is a hardcore mischievous trouble-maker.  Julianna is a calculating assassin. 

Here’s The Poop

Poopy potty. That’s what we call it.  We visit the poopy potty multiple times a day.  We haven’t gone warm turkey just yet on the diapers but maybe we’re getting there.  Julianna is definitely at the stage where she doesn’t like being in a dirty diaper. Accuracy.  That is what we’re dealing with now.  She

Speaking English Good

Julianna says things that are funny all the time and its really hard to not constantly laugh. Chloe has just recently started putting words together at a frightening rate. My wife and I decided on a kid-communication strategy “long” ago.  We talk about everything with the girls.  We are constantly describing things, asking them questions,

Belle With The Balls

Halloween is coming. What we are all dressing up as has become a central conversation piece in my house.  In just a few weeks, it will be here.  This is the first year that we really have to plan for Halloween.  I’m actually pretty excited about most of it.  Julianna is old enough now to