Booby Trap

Its been a while hasn’t it?

I know it has been tremendously unfair to deprive you all of a fresh post.  It has been almost 2 months and unlike all of you, who have probably just been on vacation or something, I’ve been busy.  Boo hoo.

Unfortunately, work has been very busy for me recently.  I’m a software engineer and my software is currently in a live Beta so I’m almost constantly monitoring the nerd waves and dealing with work-related things. My kids and wife have been tremendously patient and tolerant of my time and attention being pulled in all sorts of directions.  I love working and in particular, the work that I do.  That being said…

Don’t take my lack of voice since The Black Swan as any indication that the kids haven’t been keeping us busy with countless adventures of all shapes and sizes.  I figured it was time to catch up, in rapid fire, not always complete sentenced, fashion.


Chloe is obsessed with boobs (and “bras” – singular).  Its pretty funny.  She totally gets that they are a “privalet” part of her body, and a privalet part of other bodies but when nobody is looking, she puts this sheepish grin on and I just know she wants to make a booby comment.

Julianna recently got into Where’s Waldo books.  She’s actually pretty good but I’m better.  Better in the sense that I pre-read the book because I can’t have a 4-year-old beat me.  My wife has a photo to prove it.  Its not a competition but it totally is.  Who has the brains now?

Chloe has always had her own thing going on but recently she’s really started to “own” it.  She walks around the house, chatting away on a toy phone with random people about random things, expressively waving her hands around.  Its slightly hilarious to see her do it and more than slightly makes me wonder if she’s mocking me.  Pretty sure the answer is yes.

Julianna has started to roll her eyes at me, both literally and figuratively speaking.  When I tell her something that I may or may not have told her before I get the classic “Dad, [uchh], I know.  You told me already. [ugg]”  I think she’s about 10 years early on the Eye Roll thing.

Chloe has started to enjoy “doing my hair.”

Both girls have taken to a new game we play in the car:  Spot other cars by make and model.  “Who can find a Beetle?”  “Hey look dad, a P.T. Cruiser.”

By the way, what’s with the “Dad” and “Mom” calls?  When did we lose the “dy” and the “my”?

When we go to playdates, we’ve gotten to a point where Julianna goes off and just plays with her friends and doesn’t really want us to join in.  Its weird to all of a sudden not be needed.

Along those lines, the girls have really started enjoying playing with each other.  Perhaps the funniest moments come when they are together, just doing their thing.  The conversations and “interactions” are priceless.

Example:  Today I was finishing up some work (I work from home), and the girls decided they wanted to hover around me.  They found some old costume type gloves (which I’m sure have some other name).  At their school, the teachers put on gloves before they apply sunscreen to the kids.  Naturally, the costume gloves led to a game of, “let’s pretend to apply sunscreen to each other.”  They took turns making the squirt noise to dispense the sunscreen and then applying to arms and legs.  They also asked each other to hold up their hair so they could apply pretend sunscreen to their necks…and then they decided to apply pretend sunscreen to me.

“Daddy, give me your arms.  You need sunscreen.”

“Julianna, I’m typing, I need a minute to finish but you can apply sunscreen to my feet.”

“Ok, but you need sunscreen on your arms.”

On and on it went, the two of them discussing the benefits of sun protection and how once the pretend sunscreen is applied, they shouldn’t sit on the couch.  They should stand up for a few minutes to let the sunscreen soak in.

I’m not sure why we buy toys at all.  They can just apply pretend sunscreen all day.

This particular instance ended when Chloe made a “silly” noise…followed by this exchange:

Me: “Chloe, what was that noise?”

Chloe: “I spitted a little because my fart hurted.”

Julianna: “She is so weird.”


Not sure how we got here…or where we go next.

I suppose we’ll find out soon.