Julianna lost her first tooth today.  We’re all pretty excited.  It has been many years since I lost my baby teeth so I didn’t remember this part, or maybe things have changed, but apparently the Tooth Fairy writes personalized letters now…who knew?

[Full disclosure: She sent a handwritten note and I transcribed]

To my dearest Julianna,

Losing a tooth can be so much fun,

And losing your first is the very best one.

As your teeth fall out, I can come and collect them,

I will take care of each and every one like a precious gem.

I’m ever so quiet and come very late,

I’ll be careful to not wake you because sleep is so great,

Of course brushing your teeth is more important than ever,

But you already knew that because you seem to be so clever.

As your baby teeth fall out and your big teeth obey gravity,

Keep brushing and flossing so you don’t get a cavity.

Take care of your sister Chloe who I know you love dearly.

Congratulations and I’m very proud of you…


The Tooth Fairy